Good to know

about Synamic

How we work and what our vision is cannot be adequately described on just a few web pages. We can do too much and explain too much to be able to fit it all in, but because we’d like to tell you a bit more about our company, we’ll make an attempt.

A small project management agency
Synamic is a relatively small project management agency with the co-founders – and managing directors – Herman Steen and Marcel de Vries at the helm. They started the company in 2010, driven by their ambition to build something good in their lives, not just on a personal, but also on a professional level.

Communication as USP
Building on from their already very well-developed network, Herman and Marcel turned Synamic into being an important player in the technology sector in just 2 years time. Synamic’s unique selling point is ‘communicative power’. And that’s very unusual in this sector!

Selection based on education,
experience and personality

Synamic selects its employees on the basis of training, experience and personality. To enable the full development of our potential, their personal growth is of highest prioriy.

A clear vision

of work and collaboration

We like to build up long-term relationship with our partners and so are happy to invest in getting to know their business. The human aspect is very important for us; we think open and personal contact is essential

Pleasure and self-development
A team performs at its best when its members do what they enjoy doing and are good at. That’s why our personnel policy focuses mainly on pleasure and self-development. Our people determine for themselves what projects they participate in and are given every opportunity to keep developing further with the help of training course and seminars.

Always innovative
Our clients want to lead the way in the battle for consumers, so they are always busy innovating. And so are we, which is why we select our team members also for their creative abilities. This often results in intelligent solutions; our methods are often copied by others.

Our method

in around 150 words

We supervise both entire technical projects and separate aspects, so we can be called upon in any phase of the innovation process. We work using a fixed pattern: from the business case, via the concept and basic designs, to implementation and start-up.

Implementation and start-up
The implementation of the project is started using the basic design as the foundation. This is the construction phase in which, after the various components have been assigned, the project takes shape. The start-up follows the implementation, where the constructed installation is tested and made ready for production.

From business case to basic design
The business case is used as the basis for deciding whether to start an innovative process or not. If this is promising, a study in the concept design investigates what possibilities there are for reaching the objectives. The most attractive option is then developed in a basic design study.

Opposable in any stage of
the innovation process

We supervise both entire technical projects and separate aspects, so we can be called upon in any phase of the process: from the business case, via the designs, to the implementation and start-up.

Socially responsible

with healthy products and sustainability

We are mainly active in the food & beverage industry. This gives us, as a company, great social responsibility. But we take this on full of conviction because we want to do business with pleasure, and are happy to contribute to a better world.

We also try to help on a social micro-level where we can. Not because we have to, but because we really want to. And because we find education and exercise so important, we support De Opdracht primary school in Ureterp realising a technical classroom and sponsor the Aris professional basketball club in Leeuwarden.

Healthy and sustainable
We strive for good collaborations with producers of responsible and healthy products: products that make a positive contribution to public health. The environment is of course an important aspect here, and sustainability plays a major role in our technical innovations.

The Synamic profile

and added value

We support producers of food & beverages, dairy products and personal electronics with technological innovations. We supervise these change processes in their entirety, but also per component – sometimes we just do the business case, for example, or just the concept design.

The Synamic team
Our day-to-day team consists of Herman Steen (Managing Director and EPC Manager), Marcel de Vries (Managing Director and Project Manager), Ellen Steen (Office Manager), Jacob Brouwer (Process Technologist), Wopke van Rijn (Project Manager), Richard de Vries (EPC Manager) and Klaas Jan Bleeker-Hoekstra (Project Manager). You can find more information here.

A good collaboration
We distinguish ourselves partly because we are easy to communicate with. Our clients appreciate this, because they feel optimally involved with the innovation process. And we are happy to involve them, because we believe good collaboration is an extremely important part of a successful process.