Food & beverage, dairy products andpersonal care electronics

Synamic is particularly active in the dairy, food & beverage and personal electronics sectors. These are exciting areas which are constantly changing because of the constant demand for new and improved products and techniques. Innovation is therefore literally the order of the day for us.

Solution-oriented and creative
Synamic is not only solution-oriented; it also prides itself on its creativity: as well as providing shrewd solutions for concrete technological issues, we are also able to develop and implement completely new techniques and processes like no other.

A wealth of experience
Our employees have built up a wealth of experience in these sectors, both in their roles with former employers and with Synamic. Partly thanks to intensive training, they are also always aware of new developments in their specialist areas.

Innovating with for
safety and hygiene

We specialise in improving production processes the food & beverage, dairy products and personal care electronics industries. These are sectors where constant innovation, safety and hygiene are key.


Innovative Netherlands at its best

The Netherlands’ dairy industry is one of our most important working areas and Synamic is known worldwide as being very innovative with regard to technology. This is logical, because the production of dairy products is a complex process with strict requirements for safety and hygiene.

Educated and experienced
Synamic is at home with technical dairy processes like nobody else. Our employees’ backgrounds are self-evident: they are mostly academically educated and have gained dozens of years’ experience at Export, DOMO, Kievit, DMV and WAMCO (FrieslandCampina), amongst others.

Netherlands – a dairy country
The Netherlands has 20 large dairy companies with a combined total of more than 50 dairy factories. With a total export value of 3.8 billion euro in 2009, the sector makes an important contribution to the national balance of payments and employment in our country.

Food & beverage

The country’s largest industry

The food & beverage industry is considered to be the largest industry in the Netherlands. Companies such as Heinz, Nestlé and Unilever are important players in this sector, which achieved a total turnover of around 51 billion euro, and employed an estimated 118,000 people, in 2010.

Intelligent solutions
We are very good at thinking up intelligent solutions. With work experience gained with established names such as LambWestonMeijer, the Smiths Food Group, Siebrand, Lypack, Cargill, Saturn Petfood, Oliehoorn and Bolletje, our employees know what to do in every situation.

Food & Beverages in the Netherlands
The sector is worth billions of euro annually from investments with an innovative character. Our job is to convert the good ideas into intelligent technological solutions. This means our clients can focus on what they’re good at: producing food & beverages.

Key players
in the sector

Companies such as Heinz, Nestlé and Unilever are important players in this sector, which achieved a total turnover of around 51 billion euro, and employed an estimated 118,000 people, in 2010.

Personal electronics

The highest quality and safety standards

Another sector that is constantly innovating: personal care electronics. Shaving devices, hair-driers, electric toothbrushes and facial solariums are constantly being improved and becoming more intelligent, as can be seen from the ever-changing assortment available on the shelves of Experts and Media Markt.

Typically Synamic, too
Even though, because of its origins, Synamic is mainly at home in the dairy and food & beverage sectors, we also work for the producers of the electronic devices described above. And this comes as no surprise when you consider that co-founder Herman Steen started his career and worked for 8 years at Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

Quality and safety standards
Because personal hygiene devices usually come into direct physical contact with users, and furthermore also often have a wellness-related image, they – and the installations that are used to produce them – must satisfy the strictest quality and safety standards.